Doktor Lopez, an amnesiac zombie-Rockford on the planet Mars is drawn into a war between the recently resurrected evil Mars Queen Sirene and her ancient enemies Dr. Schnabel and Kharman Inferno when he tries to steal The Hand of Kraal, an ancient chainsaw of obscure origin, from Kharman Inferno. Lopez, a former member of the infamous secret police of Mars, enthusiastically stumbles through his convoluted cases, creating havoc wherever he goes and destroying whole cities in the process.

I have worked on Doktor Lopez off and on for the last seven years with long pauses between chapters. I am up to 64 pages with at least 30 still to come. At the moment I am busy tuning the existing pages and trying to find a publisher for the whole thing. The finished pages will be presented on this site as soon as they are re-lettered.