Retrograd, the capital of the planet Mars. A decade has passed since the events of DOKTOR LOPEZ. Princess Shirin, the star of the cancelled former hit tv-series BATTLEBABE has started a new career as enforcer for the Bhureaukrazie Spidolsk, the Bureau for Demonic Repossession of the martian netherworld Zaar. Occasionally she does some modelling and undercover work for her close friend, the toy mogul Bob Kaminski, an associate of the late Doktor Lopez. Being the daughter of a martian seagoddess, Princess Shirin is able to transform into a nearly indestructible hellform if the situation requires it.
BattleBabe started as a cast member of DOKTOR LOPEZ but quickly evolved into a separate character with her own history, losing her role in LOPEZ and getting her own series. I have planned BATTLEBABE as a series of short stories which will hopefully lead to a final graphic novel. I am currently working on story #2 and #3 simultaneously.